If you experience a problem with the licensing server, which is indicated by the following message:

Please download and use the License Updater utility to fix the problem with your license file. The utility can be downloaded from:


When you run LicenseUpdater.exe, you will see the following window, and you will need to click on the "Open license file for update..." button.

Next, you should use the open file dialogue window to locate your license file and click open.

This will start the updating process and will overwrite your license file with updated info.

The license files will be located in your metatrader's program folder for all charting plug-ins and the Video Trade Recorder products. These file names will end with:

*_cc.license for CustomCharting plug-in bundle license

*_mr.license for MedianRenko plug-in license

*_ro.license for Renko plug-in license

*_rb.license for RangeBars plug-in license

*_po.license for PointO plug-in license

*_vtr.license for Video Trade Recorder application.

The license file for the Visual Trading Console will be located in your VTC's program folder and the name of this file will end with *_vtc.license.

Should you keep getting the message or the problem seems to reoccur, it may indicate a communications problem with our licensing server. 

In such cases, it is recommended to switch over to an offline activation. To do so, please do the following:

  1. Download the GetHID Hardware ID Calculator: http://www.az-invest.eu/downloads/new/GetHID.zip 
    (VirusTotal safe check report for GetHID utility: here)
  2. Extract from ZIP and start the GetHID utility app to get the hardware ID calculation for your computer
  3. Please send us your calculated hardware ID and your currently used license file so we can generate your activated license.

The above will solve the server connectivity problem permanently.